Frequently asked questions

1. Can I have a demo Class before registering for training?

YES! All our training programmes start with a demo session. For every programme registration, the first session is free of cost. In an unlikely case where we are not successful in making you feel confident, we leave the decision to the participant. There will be no charge for the demo session.

2. Our organization/ Institution needs a training/workshop programme for our employees / students. Do you people offer on-campus training?

Yes we give. All our academic and corporate programmes are eligible for customization of the programme with respect to content, time and schedule. For more queries, Please email us at

3. I would like to attend the training classses. What are the timings and What is the course structure? How can I register for training ?

Course structure is mentioned on the technologies page. timings will be allocated to the trainees as per your requirement. All our software programmes are available exclusively online. Please email us at or contact our office for our forthcoming batches.

4. I prefer classroom rather than a web-tutorial, but cannot travel to your location.

Please note that our ONLINE traing programme is NOT a Web-Tutorial. It is an instructor led and has the exact similiar to ‘classroom’ course only. Only difference is that will not see the class but you will see the presentation and interact with the trainer and other trainees. It is nothing but web conference.

5. I would like to take the ONLINE programme. How does it work?

Check our logistics link about the detailed information. The first session a demo and you need not pay anything up to here. If u feel confident about the training programme, you have to pay the fee to be on board for rest of the programme.

6. Can i attend the training on only weekends? Do you people offer such any weekend courses?

Yes, you can. There are some batches will be running on only weekends. If you are intrested to attend on only weekends, you can attend. But this is good for trainees who have familiar with such technology earlier in their past. Other wise it is better to join daily classes.

7. Let me know whether the trainers explain the real time scanarios?

Yes. We provide online trainings only by Industry and Technology experts who have more than 7 years. They will explain you the real time issues.

8. I am looking for an Academic projects. Do you offer the academic projects?

Yes. We will provide the academic projects. We will guide you through out the project execution. We don’t sell the projects. We will enable you to do the project.