R & D

Embedded Wings™ is a Research & Development company established to make the technology reachable to every business sector. We mainly concentrate on embedded technologies as part of our research. Our continuous efforts in Research activities have enabled us to develop innovative processes, products and technologies. By launching new ways of collecting and managing information and knowledge, we have strengthened and extended our R&D activities to distinctive areas. Our team has vast expertise in exhaustive design, development, assembly and testing of various microcontroller / microprocessor systems for diverse interfaces and applications from the concept. Our experienced consultants have been able to assist clients while minimizing the risk and maximize system performance. We are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, well structured methodologies, documented coding standards, and established proven processes for large scale, complex applications development. Our lab with sophisticated infrastructure is capable of carrying out research in the fields of embedded software and hardware technologies.

At Embedded Wings™ we also spend considerable time, energy and resources to translate our research into products. We are always updated with the latest advancements and that helps us develop new products to address today’s problems of the industry. This helps our customers in doing the job more efficiently, in less time and more accurately. For every project we have a schema of handling procedure with regular checks to monitor progress and quality during the project lifecycle. We provide support for full-life cycle development involving every aspect ranging from but not limited to, requirements, analysis and design through, implementation, test, deployment and maintenance for every project. Our product development life cycle focuses on every step of standard Product Development Life Cycle (PDLC) with utmost care starting from the prototyping stage to the implementation and testing.

We recognize the importance of the technical awareness to stay in the market. We strictly follow the norms of the standard SOFTWARE DEVELOPEMENT LIFE CYCLE (SDLC).

The following list gives a few among our huge product category:

  • Security Systems
  • Attendance Systems
  • Vehicle tracking systems
  • LED Display Boards

In addition to provide pre-developed products in our lab, we also develop custom based products to our clients. We upgrade and optimize already existing products/software to the customer’s need. We strive to ensure your success by actively seeking information and using it to ensure your customer requirements are met.