About Us

Embedded Wings™ is an Embedded Software and Hardware Design Company established by the group of people passionate for the technology, to provide solutions and services to the ever growing needs of the IT & embedded industry. We are a team of professionals with many years of experience in IT & embedded systems development. Our engineers have prior experience with large IT outsourcing and embedded systems companies spanning the entire product life cycle. We have a highly qualified team of hardware and software engineers, all united by one common goal of succeeding in our mission.

Embedded Industry Solutions

Embedded Wings™ is also an R&D company established to make the technology reachable to every business sector. Our project development is based on principle of highest quality, strongest reliability, lowest cost and complete customer satisfaction. Our main area of focus in R&D is providing embedded solutions to mission critical industries.

Our offering includes complete turnkey solution to institutions, Universities and Colleges for setting up of development platform for embedded systems and embedded wireless communication technologies. We provide all these solutions as a single source of supply with complete technical support. We have designed and developed several embedded and wireless application development and trainer kits using new technologies and development tools meeting the industry requirement.

Our certification to ISO 9001:2008 holds us a distinguished position in the market from others of the same genre. We hold an advantage over others and have gained trust & credibility from our clients.

The ISO 9001:2008 quality certifications was assessed and awarded by Linear Management Solutions & Certifications Pvt. Ltd. based on some of the following fundamental Quality management principles we follow:

  • Customer focus
  • Systematic approach to management
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships
  • Involvement of people
  • Continual improvement
  • Process approach

Corporate Trainings

At Embedded Wings™, we also provide cost-effective technology trainings to Corporates and MNC’s based in India. We realize the high demand for quality trained professional today and we are here just to address that. We have huge catalogue of courses and we are specialists in providing trainings for niche skills that are rear to find in the market place.

We have a practical, industry specific, diverse & highly flexible training catalogue with courses to address training needs of professionals at various levels like fresh university graduate, experienced professionals willing to take up higher technical roles like architects, designers etc.

Our training courses can be delivered by a variety of methods. This includes on-site, open, training webinars and ’hands-on’ practical workshops.

Classroom & Online Trainings:

We are a dynamic, enthusiastic group of individuals with a definitive set of “professional” oriented objectives. With our well designed, industry collaborative & cost effective trainings, we would like help the future engineers & experts enhance technical & professional competencies and in-turn help the industry.

Embedded Wings™ also has a comprehensive framework and repository of online courses offering high quality, state-of-the-art IT and business related e-learning trainings and courses. Our Online Trainings are designed for IT professionals who cannot attend standard classroom trainings due to time or distance limitations, or for those who simply want more flexible trainings. The courses feature hands-on tasks, real-world applications and use a multi-pronged approach involving self-study, interactive on-line classes and homework assignments with a mentor on call.